Monday, April 30, 2007

ho hum

Something's up with Bindi. She doesn't want to be in her Yale office bed, and has wanted to be held quite a bit. She doesn't seem ill. Perhaps she's just picking up the tension around here.

Going to gospel singing rehearsal tonight, altho I'm not into it this time. It just feels like too much. Maybe I'll just go to the rehearsals and not do the concert. Not gonna put any pressure on myself. Took Bindi to a recall (Bindi, COME!) lesson yesterday at ABC Obedience. Learned a few things. Two more sessions. Think I talked Robi into getting a pod coffee machine, since she was lusting after my bad Dunkin' Donuts cappacino. Then a visit to the Robs and their pet mice, one of which just gave birth, but the babies are too new to be seen. It was great to see them as usual.

Tommaso and I went to the chihuahua meetup on Saturday at the Hamden Dog Park, where I got yelled at by a big dog owner for having dog treats in my pocket! I said, Tommaso, we have to leave, and I started to cry again. Daily tears these days. But we went to the St. Ronan Street dog park and had a great time, then I showed him Edgerton park and the community gardens, which he loved, and then we went to a noodle house for lunch. So the day was recovered.


kim said...

That's a neat picture.

I wish we could come see you in the concert (if you do it) ...

is Bindi doing better with the 'come!' since her class?

I'm so sorry for the stress and the tears. I wish I could be there to help. Although I don't know that our clan wouldn't just add to stress ...

And I sure wish we had a noodle house!

dale said...

Why can't you have dog treats in your pocket?