Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Propofol Hangover

Angela Clemmons, our fearless and compassionate director.

Looking over the program.

Angela's daughter.

The choir getting ready.

Here are photos of the Gospel Choir before our performance last Sunday. I'm not in any of them since I took the pictures!

Had the colonoscopy today. After they hooked me up with the iv, and started the antibiotics per the infectious disease doc's orders, and started the propofol, I was out in 30 seconds. Amazing. No wonder Michael Jackson used it to sleep. Results showed internal hemmoroids (which I knew about), diverticulitis (which I didn't know about), and they removed a small polyp. Not too serious I guess. Aren't you just sick of hearing about all my ailments? I AM! The prep wasn't as bad as everyone said, but I am tired. The medical center was only about a mile away which was wonderfully convenient, and I got a ride there from my neighbor and a ride home from my accountant! She used the same docs I did.

After the clear liquid diet all day yesterday, I had flying dreams last night!! I was flying and it was wonderful! No airplane! I could go up and down and everything, although I don't fly very far off the ground, just in case.

Finally cooking dog food for the pooch. I'm afraid except for a few processed kibbles, she's off her feed unless I make it for her. Oh well.


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Don't tell Phil you're making food for doggies! He'll be super jealous of Bindi.

That's too bad about all the crazy ailments. Hopefully you didn't have to bribe people too much for the rides to and fro :-)

Kim said...

I'm glad your procedure went well and bummed that you're not in any of the pix, I would've loved to come see you sing. :)

I am sorry you have so many crazy ailments to tell about, but I don't mind listening. I'll make you listen to all of mine someday ;-)