Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Manhattan

Setting the table.

On a dog walk.

Statue of liberty.

The apartment.

Building across the street.

A local fire department.

Photos from Thanksgiving in Manhattan.

* * * * * * * *

Fasting for the colonoscopy tomorrow. It's amazing how much I'm getting done around the house since I'm not thinking about food. Can only have clear liquids. I've changed the sheets on the bed, up/downloaded lots of photos and made Shutterfly sites so the photos can be visited, did laundry, put patches on ripped sheets/pillowcases, cleaned the kitchen sink, polished the stove and the teakettle, and did some online shopping.

The gospel choir concert was yesterday. I wasn't feeling my best, but I think we did well anyhow. There was standing room only at the church! Only one of my friends whom I had invited showed up. That's why I have to move to Florida. Need a new group of friends who do stuff.

Thanksgiving in New York City was really nice. Lots of new people, interesting sights, good food, lovely apartment in which to stay, Bindi got along with the resident dog Tess. Was invited back to stay anytime, which is a really special invitation. My knees and feet hurt from walking on so much cement taking the dogs for walks, but my efforts were much appreciated by Tess's owners. Met Betty Woodman at the dinner, who is apparently a very famous ceramicist. But we talked about Facebook, and how she doesn't understand how to use it. I encouraged her to not use FB if she finds it too daunting. There were additional famous people there I guess, but I just had pretty normal conversations with everyone. I didn't know who was famous and who wasn't!

Going to M's on Thursday to make her birthday dinner. It's a school night for her daughter, so no party, just the three of us. Am waiting for menu of what she would like me to cook. But she's easy, she eats anything.

I hit a couple of holiday crafts fairs on Saturday. Found some things! :-)

It's raining, but still we've had no hard freeze.

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