Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hack Hack

Been sick for a week with some weird virus. Started in my chest and has stayed there. No runny nose or sore throat or fever or anything, just this phlegmy-ness in my chest and great tiredness. Oh these mutating viruses, is there no end to your uniqueness? Quite a bit of wheezing so haven't gone to the gym, but should go and just do an easy bicycle workout for my knees. But I think I might have picked up the virus there. Or else at the gospel workshop two weeks ago. Went anyway on Monday night, couldn't sing, but lip-synced the words to try to learn them, and enjoyed the neverending humor of the director. There were a couple of other people there too who weren't singing cause they were sick.

Had lunch at Midori today, the Korean/Japanese restaurant near me. Yum. Udon soup with seaweed and vegetables. Kim chi. Pickeled radish. With a friend I haven't seen in quite a while. I could have yacked with her for a long time but she had somewhere else to go. Came home, took Bindi for a walk, visited the dogs Rosie and Roscoe across the street, talked with my neighbor about the need to live in the moment, not take the future for granted, be aware of the preciousness of each day. We both had stories of people who had just dropped dead in their 50s and 60s.

All the leaves on the trees are nearly gone, but the air temperatures are still moderate. No frosts yet. But it looks bleak.

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