Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Saw my naturopath yesterday who said I have bronchitis. I got some acupuncture, the heat lamp on my chest, and some nasty tasting herbal tincture to take in tea or juice. I actually think I feel a bit better today, not so tired. I'm two weeks into this thing.

Had a nice long chat with my sis this afternoon. Among many other topics, we talked about the high price of sending parcels through the mail. It used to be a good way to get one small thing from one place to another, but not anymore. Very expensive.

Am off to Manhattan for Thanksgiving, just an overnighter at M's sister's, but am looking forward to it. To the Midwest on December 25, and will stay through my nephew's birthday on New Year's eve. 2010. Crazy.

Went shopping for a baby sling for a new mom present. Those things are expensive, too! Met a woman in the store who had two children and was giving me her opinion on them, and advised me to go to Marshall's as she said they had them for much less money. My sister in law makes her own, smart woman that she is. I bought a couple at Target, very pricey even for Target, but if I find one at Marshall's, well, that's why we keep receipts.

Met a new kind of dog on the street today: a dalmation mix from Puerto Rico. He was a rescue, and looked just like a small spotted dalmation. Very very cute.

Gospel choir rehearsal last night. Had to tell two women to stop chewing gum, first because one of them was making snapping noises which makes me nuts, but also because you DON'T CHEW GUM WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO SING!! HELLOOOOOOOOO!!!

Tonight is supposed to be the Leonid meteor showers. Best viewing time around 3am. Guess I'll miss it. The temperature has dropped sharply from today.

Friday, Nov. 20

My bro's birthday. He's 45. Happy birthday, D!

Was driving in my car today practicing my songs for the gospel performance. Two girls on the street saw me rockin' out, and motioned for me to open the window, which I did and blasted the music. They smiled so big!! A precious moment.

Went to the community garden which has yet to have a hard freeze. Picked parsley, lettuce, greens, and roses. Bindi got to play with another small dog named Indy!! They were so cute together. I think one of the kids said it was a Havanese poodle mix. A poodanese. A Havoodle. Whatever.


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Hard to believe there still hasn't been a hard freeze, isn't it?

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Too bad the medicine that works has to taste horrible.

Have fun in Manhattan!

dale said...
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dale said...

In my previous post I mentioned the hilarity of the word "havoodle". That is all.