Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

Here's a photo of Buzz whose second birthday was Tres de Mayo. Another cute munchkin. Just watched "Babel" on dvd. Not bad. Held my interest. That's all I care about. Did lots of yard work today, lots of cutting back the ivy to reveal the bluestone making up the paths. It's satisfying when it's done, but this is the way I get ticks, I'm afraid. Dug up the primroses in my Edgerton garden yesterday after work, the ones I lifted from Scott's garden a few years ago, as grass had grown among them so profusely that there was no way to weed it out. Will plant them in the field space in the lawn here. Bindi and I went searching for the fifty foot dog training lead in two other places today. No luck.
And we didn't do our homework for class tomorrow. I hate homework. Always have. Did buy a very interesting green chair at a tag sale today for $10. Everything was being sold for whatever donation you wanted to make to the American Cancer Society. Also while riding in the car that old REM song came on, "It's me in the spotlight, losing my religion . . ." and for some reason it made me cry. Not that I need a good reason these days. Made dinner for M & M & S -- pasta with pesto, salmon, steamed cauliflower, salad, fresh strawberries sweetened with agave nectar. Yum.

We're gonna have a fifteen minute May pole celebration tomorrow, and then I might have some help digging in the Edgerton plot, as I can't use a shovel any more. Went to feed Bravo yesterday at Annette's, but he was nowhere to be seen. Too bad. He's a great cat.

M & S showed me the gravestone of Simon Leetes, which is right near the house, in what used to be a continuation of the front yard before route 146 was put in. Odd to find such an old gravestone all by itself so nearby. There were two deer nearby as well.

Got six lovely handmade munchkin cards in the mail the other day. Happy moment.

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kim said...

I'm glad you got the cards! :-)

Buzz just turned two, not three. Don't make him grow up toooo fast ;-) I'm not ready for that!!

I was hoping when he was due that he'd be born on the 5th so his b-day would be 05/05/05 (at 5:05 am!) but now I'm glad it wasn't, since I don't know that he'd want to share his birthday with Cinco De Mayo.

Sorry about the teary moments, maybe all my hormones rubbed off on you while you visited.

love you lots!