Thursday, May 17, 2007

Angel on the Ceiling

So it's about 2pm and I'm putting myself down for a nap, and I see on the ceiling of my bedroom a very intense reflection from somewhere, casting a celestial form with a bright light center and rays extended out from both sides resembling wings. I took a photo, and if it turns out I'll post it. It was a beautiful gift and I accepted it as such, a sign of hope and inspiration.

I couldn't fall asleep, unusual for me, I'm typically a good napper. But I hunkered down with Camilla and just rested before my six pm client. Had a client at 8:30 this morning, but for some reason my clock next to my bed was wrong, and I got up at 5:30 instead of 7:30. I noticed the clocks in the other rooms, so called the time on the phone, and went back to bed for another hour. Why would my bedroom clock be wrong when the other electric clocks were fine? Strange happenings abound.

The furnace cleaning guy came around 11am and I puttered around with bulbs and tubers and corms. While doing this I started to cough uncontrollably, so walked into the kitchen, drank some water, and noticed I was wheezing and having a bit of trouble breathing. I was obviously having some kind of allergic reaction to the soil or the mold on some of the plant material. I put on a carpenter's mask, went back to my task, and was fine.

Yesterday morning I woke up so depressed. I called my neighbor across the street and asked if she would come over and sit with me while I planted some things in the garden. She graciously did, and we had a nice chat while I planted parsley, morning glories, snow peas, zinnias, swiss chard, and basil. Then I drove over to Rachel's because it was her birthday, and we hung out for a while until it was time for her to go to dinner. I was hungry and asked if she had anything to eat, and she suggested some cheese crackers, like cheese nips, but Target's brand. She threw the box to me from the porch as I was sitting on the lawn and it hit me in the face scratching the skin and making me bleed! Hey! And the crackers weren't even that good. Her garden looks very pretty, but she was complaining how much work it is. And for sure it is. Her cat Ollie was out and about, he's mostly black with some white, and he made me miss DillBoy. Whaaaa! I finally got my new mouse pad that Frances made for me. It has a kitty on it.


kim said...

I looked at gardening magazines today and stared at my yard for awhile. There's so much to do that it just stumps me and I never start. I did spend a little while pulling up the garlic mustard, evil aggressive invader plant.

I'm glad the dust mask helped with the allergic reaction, I have a friend who's knocked back for days when her allergies hit her like that.

Praying you're feeling better now, sorry about the waking up depressed. I can relate somewhat ... I don't think I'm severely depressed, but it waxes and wanes ... caffeine and not getting enough sleep mess me up ...

speaking of sleep ... I should go to bed!!!!

Mihaela said...

So sorry to hear that you're sad, also sorry that you couldn't come to dinner with us today, but were stuck at the house with the chimney person, and allergic at that! Also, I was under the impression that Rachel's birthday was today, ooops! Ah, well, at least I was close, lucky Tirza decided to do the dinner thing!
See you tomorrow I hope! I came in the other day around 3, but you'd already gone, and then I was stuck at the office for about two hours, it was poring down, and so dark I couldn't believe it was only four pm! Sheesh!

Hope Bindi wasn't too scared of the thunder!


dale said...

I should wear a mask when I crawl under my computer desk to plug and uplug things. The dust makes me wheeze.

This blog says, "nfndehke" and I say, "bless you".

jip said...

um, no comments for the new post? i like the weird ceiling images...