Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shoreline Soul

Our great leader: Angela Clemmons
Note to IKA: i'm nervous, too! 4pm, gonna get ready now.

8:03pm. Concert went well. Right now I'm watching the fox right outside my bedroom glass doors. She found the chunk of suet infused with bird seed that the squirrel must have knocked down from the tree and is pigging out. She saw me, but just took a look and then went back to her feast. She's not more than twenty feet away. I can see why people sometimes say Bindi looks like a fox, at least in the face: pointy ears, long snout, about the same size. And they chew the same. Oh what grandeur doth nature impart.

One woman at the church after the concert said, "You really seemed to be having a good time singing up there. You were really feeling it and you gave that to us." How nice is that? I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. Thanks, Blanche.

Didn't want to go home right away so went to Willoughby's in downtown Madison and had an Orangina and a piece of banana bread. Then went to Ocean State Job Lot and bought a small cat condo for the felines. It's heavy and pretty well made and was only $40, which is pretty good for those things. Came home, played outside with Bindi for a while, planted some Hawaiian ginger, then came in, which is when I saw the fox.

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