Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wild Phlox

Guess what? We ordered the Red Bunny Booster Pack! We now have bunnies like the Sinister Bunnies which have force fields and the Congenial Bunny which carries Cabbage and Water! And the Timid Bunny who can fire weapons TWICE!
The New Weapons: Quite Irascible Differentiable Cheese Balls, the Grappling Hook, and the Defuger.
The new Specials: Dude, Where’s My Carrot, Bunny-to-the-Future, and Activate the Minilith.

Got a new hose for the garden so feel i can truly garden now, without fighting with a kinky dribbly one. Lots of things coming up, but my radishes made no fruit, just leaves, which are now going to seed. Had nice party for Rob last night. I brought undercooked artichokes, strawberries with agave nectar, garlic bread, and a runny lemon tart from Take the Cake. I was very tired from having gardened all day, and visiting Rachel and Frances in the morning. We were gonna go to Chihuahua meetup group, but our signals got crossed and we ended up just hanging out in her backyard.

Got a crew coming tomorrow to help me clean my rooms here. Rachel, Mihaela, Frances. M. might be back.

Almost have all the house plants out now. Lost two of them, but need to pare my collection anyway. The woods are full of blooming wild phlox, more than last year.

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kim said...

we have a lot of wild phlox in our yard. It spreads pretty aggressively. But I do like looking out at our "woods" and seeing it all when it first blooms en masse. There's also a purple columbine out back - I guess we cleared out enough to give it some sun?