Friday, May 25, 2007

Would You Like Some Lyme with Those Aches and Pains?

Gross. Lyme tick. Or deer tick. Full of somebody's sucked blood. I occassionally have to remove these suckers from the critters. Ick and yuk. Found one unattached on my shirt, but have found none on my body or in my bed. Massage therapist suggested that some of my vaious aches and pains may be residual effects from having lyme and the two other microbes last summer. But supposedly the antibiotics are supposed to prevent any of those lasting effects, when the microbes are detected early enough. Still have the clunk in my neck left side, right elbow is very bad, left thumb joint, both knees, second toe on my right foot. MassTher said that part of my neck felt "inflamed" to her. My nutritionist has been telling me for months that she thinks my body is full of inflammation.

Let Bindi out while I was inspecting the garden hoses, which have to be replaced. She ran like crazy around the house, then came in when I was ready. Good dog.

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kim said...

ew I can't look at bugs that close, they make me ill.

Is there nothing to be done for post-lymes aches and pains? :-(