Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cat Lamp

A photo of my cat lamp, bought several months ago, living on my desk in my Yale office.

Had a good time at the work party at Edgerton Community Garden this morning. It was cool and overcast, perfect for doing garden work. Since I'm still in charge of the herb garden, I spent my time weeding and assessing what did and did not make it thru the winter. Unfortunately, the scot's or scotch broom did not make it, and that was a disappointment. It lasted for about three or four years.

"Broom is a bitter narcotic herb that depresses the respiration and regulates heart action. It acts upon the electrical conductivity of the heart, slowing and regulating the transmission of the impulses. The young herbaceous tips of flowering shoots are cardiotonic, cathartic, diuretic, emetic and vasoconstrictor. The seeds can also be used. The plant is used internally in the treatment of heart complaints, and is especially used in conjunction with Convallaria majalis. The plant is also strongly diuretic, stimulating urine production and thus countering fluid retention. Since broom causes the muscles of the uterus to contract, it has been used to prevent blood loss after childbirth."

Then I went to the organic seedling sale and got two peppers, two eggplant, and four varieties of tomatoes. Most of the varieties of tomatoes I had never heard about. There was a small tag sale there, too, and the kids tried to get me to buy a furry dog coat for Bindi for $1.50. Of course I did, even tho it was a little big, but it had a fake snow leapard design! Then I spied an unused oil painting set, Grumbacher I think, very good, but i opened up one of the tubes and the paint wouldn't come out so thought they were dried up. One of the kids opened another, gave it a squeeze, and POP, oil paint all over the place! What a mess. Had to buy it then, even tho some had also gotten on the dog coat. Oh well.

Stopped at Edge of the Woods and ran into Denise, who was collecting donations for a peace project, and I mentioned the Peace Pagoda near Northampton which she knew nothing about.

Came home and took to my bed for a nap. It's cold out.


dale said...

Cat lamp is cool.

kim said...

very cool lamp!

you download the pictures from the camera to your computer ...

you upload the picture, then, from your computer to the internet.

so in the Community Garden ~ I assumed each person had their own plot to tend and harvest - is the herb part of it communal?