Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Went to see the osteopath. Gonna do a three session trial, but the little bit she did at the first meeting has starting something moving in my neck. I still can't quite understand how it works. I'll ask her more.

The weather has been so beautiful, a couple of days really hot, but it's beautiful out here. Very lush.

Went to a hair appt. in Guilford with Karen, and altho i had just had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, she was able to give me a temporary coloring, red, and a big discount on top of it. Nice.

Rachel and Mihaela came over on sunday and helped me clean out my rooms. The living room is piled with stuff that was on my bedroom floor, and I have no idea where to put it all. Maybe I can throw some out, and give the rest away. M. and I will talk soon about my staying or not. It's good to have all the plants outside; that clears up an enormous amount of space in my small room.

Knee doctor tomorrow morning, then Frances overnight tomorrow, then get her to school very early on Friday. And have a dentist appt. somewhere on Friday too. Garden is doing well, am eating fresh lettuce everyday from it. Cilantro is ready, and other seeds are sprouting up.

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dale said...

I don't like cilantro. :-)