Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Forecast: Warm and Sunny

Some drama in the apartment complex last night. The management seems to be discriminating against some of the renters, and already Suzie and Adam are talking about trying to buy a house, and they only moved in a month ago. And the man who moved in upstairs recently has a moving van outside already and is packing! Florida has its charms but this is not one of them.

Bad nighmares last night. Really bad. Extraordinary anxiety.

During my walk at the art fair on Saturday, which was mobbed with people, a huge branch of coconuts from a coconut palm on the sidewalk came crashing down. Amazingly, no one was hurt, but the pile of branches and coconuts was enormous. It was a bit of art in its self. Performance art, ha ha. A woman was selling her Sculpy salamanders which were completely detailed and lifelike, except that they were bright swirly colors. They were so cool. I'm doing pretty well at not buying things like that I see, so as not to keep accummulating stuff. But I sure did appreciate them. Ended up going to Oh My Gauze on 5th avenue and getting two cotton gauze camp shirts. The entire place was cotton gauze clothes, and it was full of women out of our minds with happiness. I told one of the saleswomen that this was the best store in town, and she said, "Say it louder," so I yelled, "THIS IS THE BEST STORE IN TOWN." Fun.

Went to the Naples Botanical Garden on Sunday. They were having a Brazilian theme, a juried flower arrangement show, and Jane Seymour the actor had been there on Saturday signing books and exhibiting her artwork. The best part was the Brazilian band, singer, and dancers, and the butterfly garden. Saw the green and brown crested wood partridges, and got to commune with a flamboyant conure. There were supposed to have been very large geckos hanging about, but they were hiding, or were camoflaged (sp) so well that not even the attendant could find them. There is a huge expansion of the Garden planned which will no doubt be magnificent.

Ate some Cuban food there from a vendor which was very good. I gaven them a tip, and the woman said that I was the first one to give a tip. I was astonished, esp. since this town is full of extremely rich people. The guy asked me where I was from, I said CT, and he said that he was flown in to North Stonington, CT, a few years ago to roast pigs, by someone who had been down here and tasted his food. Their motto is, "We will serve no swine before it's time." Corney, eh?


Anonymous said...

I love that I can picture you perfectly in the clothing store :-)

Also, I know I need to call you. I promise I will.

Kim said...

sounds like a lovely trip, except for the stress dreams and drama ... soak up the sun for us!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you and Bindi are having fun with gauze clothing stores and Brazilian bands and rat terriers named Playboy and art fairs... and I'm sure beautiful weather. (I'm a little jealous, though it's slowly-but-surely starting to look like spring is here.)

Does the renter drama look like it will be resolved in any way? How much longer are you staying there?