Friday, April 18, 2008

In Memory of Sue

I am so sad. Through an unusual connection, Freecycle, I learned that Sue D'Antonio killed herself on March 29. She was the veterinary technician at the vet's office I used to go to when I lived in New Haven. I saw her frequently for years and years. She was the one who encouraged me to adopt DillBoy, even though I did not want a male cat. She let me take out of the office and show to a friend the Dr. Bob doll that was such a perfect likeness of him, and was precious to everyone there. She let me borrow a wire cage from the basement of the office when I brought Misty home as a kitten. She was a loving, beautiful spirit. All I could learn so far is that she was in a great deal of physical pain due to some illness. We cannot take anyone for granted. We cannot assume anyone is ok, even if they say they are. We must take care of one another in an intentional, conscientious way.

I took the paperwork to the lawyer today, whom I will consult with next week about my case against the university. Just doing that nearly brought me to tears. I could not wait to get out of town. I stopped at a tag sale near my street and bought a gorgeous picture frame for $1, and a tall table with drawer that I didn't really need, but wanted. Shop therapy I guess. The man, named Andy also, wanted $40 but let me have it for $25. It was so warm today. I raked leaves, went to the community garden, the pharmacy, Radio Shack, the supermarket. My 15 or so hostas that I got on Freecycle last fall are coming up strongly, as are the Asian lillies I transplanted from the community garden (I think) last fall as well. The landlord and his son came over last evening and took care of a couple of minor issues, including installing a doorbell for me and replacing the flood lights at the back of the house. His son, now 11, has been a vegetarian for six years. There is a small leak in the washing machine, and if it continues, we'll get the repair person. Good, as then perhaps the gentle cycle can be made operational. The gentle cycle can be restored. Restore the gentle cycle. Recycle gentleness. Restore gentility. Gentleness restored. Restorative gentleness. Recycle. Be gentle. Restore yourself and others.

Today is Tobi-wan's 7th birthday.

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