Monday, April 14, 2008

Poison Arrow

Poison Arrow Plant also known as Climbing Oleander, photo taken at Naples Zoo.

Had lunch with M & S yesterday, and her friends M, K, & K, whom I like very much. K & K are twins, boy and girl, about S's age, and they had a bunch of stuffie animals dressed in diaphanous (sp) green fabric and said they were spring peepers. How cute is that? I had brought over a pan of homemade brownies which were a big hit. Bindi and I took a short trip to the beach before going over to look for beach glass, but didn't find much. Mostly green and brown, you know the beer bottle stuff. Had a funny conversation in the local small food market with a young man who was crouching on the ground by the cash register cause he was tired of standing, and I said, as usual, "There's a Seinfeld episode about that," and he knew exactly which one I was talking about! I told him and the other cashier that it was nuts that they weren't given stools to sit on, they agreed, and I said I would call the manager. Of course I won't use their names, and I'll wait a couple of days. If I had the wherewithall (? - I never hear anyone use that word anymore), I'd develop a "cashier's stool," market it, and make my millions. Then I could buy one of those fancy mansions on the beach in Naples, FL, and live out my days watching pelican and dolphin and killer sunsets from the comfort of my perfectly air conditioned art studio. From the interest on my millions, I would develop a "doggie water park" there, just for dogs, with grass and fresh water ponds and pools and slides and trees, all just for dogs. I'd make sure all the existing old septic tanks were removed and replaced or hooked up to the city water purification system, so that the red tide would never come again.

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