Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dodgy Tum

Just bought this gorgeous dahlia (in tuber form) on Ebay. This variety is very hard to find, and is what I think I've seen in others' gardens and lusted after. It's called Dahlia Cafe au Lait. Also ordered blue freesia bulbs, and a caladium, which is a great shade plant. Of course all the bulbs have to be dug up in the winter in this zone, but worth the effort.

Ok, put on your best Brittish accent and say, "Does the doggie have a dodgy tum?" That means, is her stomach upset. Was watching a training show on the telly just now, made in Britain, and a woman was talking about having to use fish as treats for her dog cause his stomach gets upset easily, and she complained that it was expensive to do that. The trainer said it needn't be, as treats are now made for dogs with "dodgy tums."

Was searching online recently for "manatee cotton fabric," and my blog showed up on page four of the Google search. Ha!

Busy day of errands yesterday. Can't remember if I already told this story in another blog entry, but here it is again. An old friend from New Haven contacted me, wanting to know if I had any photos from the 1970s of the group of feminists we were part of. I did. She was going to be in town when I was in Florida, so I found the photos, put them in an envelope and dropped them thru the mail slot of the house of a mutual friend whom I knew she would be seeing while I was gone. While I was in Naples, I got this call on my cellphone from someone who said her mother had found an envelope on the ground under her car parked on the street, with my name and cell phone number in the return address section. I was perplexed. I said, is the envelope open, is there anything in it? Well, it was indeed unopened, and yes, my precious 30 year old photos were inside. I don't have the answer to this mystery yet, but again my GAs were on duty, and I was able to get the photos back from the woman yesterday. Amazing. Grace.

Went to the dry cleaners to drop off the beautiful wool blanket I got at a thrift store in Naples, and it took twice as long cause I took Bindi in, and one of the women there went gaga over her, got on the floor, and they were playin' playin'. Went to CVS for script refills. Had lunch from Gourmet Heaven, the best hot/cold food bar in town. Picked up a beautiful photo album from a freecycler, took Bindi to a newish dog park where some jerk was letting his big dog bully everyone else, so I and another woman with her dog left. Then took Bindi across the street to play with R.J.

My acupuncturist has advised that we stop the acupuncture on my knees since it does not seem to be working. We're both disappointed. We will now work on detoxifying my body. And I'll go back to the orthopod and get plastic shot into my knee joints for a temporary fix. Ugh.


kim said...

I don't believe you have told the photos story yet, but I'm glad you got them back!

dale said...

I hate it when I have a dodgy tum. Fish would definitely not help. Maybe M&Ms.