Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Anole Brown Lizard

This is the little critter living on Scott's lanai, under the pot shard. I took this image off a website, but have taken some photos myself, hoping I have gotten a good shot.

I tried to make it home today, but after getting to the Fort Myers airport and waiting waiting waiting for a plane from New York that never took off, I am back at Scott's for the night and will try again tomorrow. My 12.20 flight wasn't scheduled to leave till 6.00, and I couldn't keep myself and Bindi stranded for that long, when the plane hadn't even taken off from it's NY destination. Aaarrggh. And I couldn't even schedule anything else on a partner airline since American cancelled all its flights today so all the available seats on everything else were taken.

Went to Bambusa for dinner last night. Coconut shrimp and vegetarian black bean burgers. Yum yum. Our young waiter said to me, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Nathan Lane?" Whaaa? When I was 18, people used to say I looked like a young Natalie Wood. Now I look like Nathan Lane? Whatever. He also felt the need to show us his new composition computer program, and give us samples of the music he was creating. Well, I praised his efforts, but the guy has absolutely no future in electronic music composition.

Beautiful crescent moon last night.

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