Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Busy Day

Photos of colobus monkeys from the Naples, FL, zoo. They had their own small island, and seemed active and happy. These were taken from pretty far away so I'm pleased with my zoom lens.

More bulk trash pickings today, and some perennials from a Freecycler. Bindi got to play with her corgi Yogi.

Then a visit with Tommaso, then a surprise visit with Jen and Gaia. My little dog is pooped and so am I.


A visit to the PCP. Trying to consolidate dr's appointments. Got a thumbs up on the tongue doctor from the PCP, so will schedule that nonsense. And then, before another appointment, the most amazing thing:

I had been planning for a while to go back to where I lived on Norton Street for over twenty years to get a clump of the heirloom daffodils in the backyard. So I decided that today was the day, and I drove into the driveway. Found the current landowner on the second floor, and after he greeted me with suspicion I told him my wish, and he allowed me, then even helped, get the clump. We got to talking and he was totally renovating the house. I asked, did you keep those beautiful stained glass windows that were throughout the house, including a beautiful one between the second floor porch and the stairwell to the third floor where I lived? He said he only removed the two from the big windows in the front of the house, on the second and third floors, and he was going to see them on Ebay. I said, oh, can I see? He showed me them, I said, will you sell them to me? He said, make me an offer. I said, $50 for both. He hemmed and hawed, we were still chatting this and that, I said, $75, he agreed and it was a done deal. It was a wonderful interchange and now I have the two glorious stained glass windows from the house where I spent so much time. Felt like another gift. They are in perfect condition, I will have them framed and hang them in the windows I have in this house, and take them to Florida with me when I go. The colors are blues/greens/purples/golds.

Then I went to see my therapist and cried and cried and cried. How can one day be filled with such joy and satisfaction followed by such sadness and grief?

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kim said...

oh, how wonderful on the windows! I love stained glass windows! I'm glad you were able to get them, as well as your daffodils!

And great pix with the zoom! I thought they were skunks at first glance. I'd love an island of my own :-)