Saturday, April 26, 2008


Community garden work party today. We weeded the (my!) herb garden, and put down Mainely Mulch, the chopped straw that is expensive but a very nice mulch. Transplanted the valerian that was in my own garden plot to the communal herb garden, and had wonderful interchanges with Tony D. He's a wonderful guy. Caught up with PC, and saw that my tatsoi is coming up, even from last year's seeds. Also got my Drama Queen poppy seeds in the mail and am eager to plant. They are so, well, dramatic!

Poor Camilla. She has licked the fur off her lower belly and the insides of back legs, and on her right inside thigh the skin is raw from so much licking. I guess time for the vet. She's such a delicate flower, and I think is just kind of being continually stressed out. (Sound like anyone you know! ha ha!)

R & F came over for dinner, and we watched bad tv together, which is always fun. I wasn't feeling that well today for some reason, maybe I got dehydrated from the gardening this morning, or inhaled something from all the weeding that did not agree with me.

Took one of my stained glass windows to a framer to get an estimate, and we both decided that going to a woodworker would be better than a framer, since I want to hang the windows in my windows, and need a sturdy frame and hanger hardware. Fortunately, I know a woodworker, Breakfast Woodworkers.

Lunch with M & S tomorrow, and digging up some perennials to transplant here. Have gotten some nice things off Freecycle, plants that is. And finding great stuff in people's bulk trash, things I needed. Perfectly working solar lights. Clean rope and twine.

Difficult week emotionally. Draining. Meetings. Anxiety. Saw LK briefly, which is always a pleasure.

The weather is turning a bit cooler after two weeks of outstanding spring weather; we need rain.

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kim said...

is this a new community garden, in your new community?