Monday, March 31, 2008

Greetings from Naples

Florida, not Italy. This is a beautiful city, mostly, stunning McMansions, astonishing landscaping, fancy shops. Spent most of the day trying to get S's computer up and running, then ended up at the Naples library using their computers. Will try something else tomorrow re: the computer. It may need more memory. Then went to the beach around 4:30, swam a while, found some pretty small corkscrew shells, talked to a client on the phone. Rushed home to make dinner for S. who was supposed to get off work at 8pm, but probably won't be back till 10.

Talked to Suzie and Adam, S's next door neighbors. They are so very nice. They have a miracle baby, Candace. She had open heart surgery 4 hours after she was born, and more surgery after. She was not expected to recover, but is now 11 months old, and although she still has a feeding tube in her stomach, Candace seems to be thriving. Adam was in Iraq for three years. They have a rat terrier named Playboy who Bindi has really been enjoying playing with. Bindi wants to play with Herman, but Herman doesn't seem very interested. Oh, Herman is S's chi mix.

Went to a thrift store today and found something a friend of mine has wanted but could not afford: a virgin wool ivory blanket in perfect condition. And a "beach sheet." Just a plain flat sheet that I take to the beach to put my towel on. It's lightweight and keeps the towel from getting sandy.

What else. Went to a nice bar with S, Bambusa. People were very friendly there, too. I do think people in the South are friendlier than people in the Northeast. Or maybe I'm just more outgoing when I am here. I think it's a combination of both. Went to a nice natural foods store, Wild Oats, which apparently is being bought by Whole Foods. Wish there was one near me in CT.

On Saturday I went to the local Farmer's market, which was small but charming. Bought organic vegetables, and some handmade soap, and saw seven of the most darling miniature Australian Shepard puppies. They were seven weeks old, fluffy, and very compelling. I'm sure they'll have no trouble finding good owners.

Ok, S. is home. More later.

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