Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jigs and Samson

Dog park today where there were two small poodles, black and chocolate, and two mutts, Maddie and Roxie. Bindi loved the poodles and they played and played. I think they reminded her of her boyfriend R.J. next door, who is a poodle her size.

Got a bill for the oil heat for $481 for one month! That's nuts, and my thermostat never gets turned up to 70. I think 68 is the highest I've gone, and at night I turn it down to 55. I know being home more during the day has something to do with it, and the windows in the house are not sealed very well, but sheesh. Car fuel is $3.30 and rising. Florida is looking better and better, esp. not having to pay heating bills.

Had lunch at Ikea with Rachel, and bought some scissors. Don't know if they are any good. I'm so unimpressed with Ikea. I also needed a certain size lightbulb and a set of stainless steel measuring cups, and they had neither.

Scored big off Freecycle: a nice walking cane, as I have misplaced the one I had, and a really swell white iron round patio table with four matching chairs all in great condition.

Had dinner with M & S last night; S was really sweet - she made me a decorated grocery list pad to put on the fridge, and gave me a warm hug goodbye. Going to her school play tomorrow. Something about the Oregon Trail.

Is it bad for me to put my computer in my checked bag for a flight, or is that too risky, both tech wise and stealing it wise?

Going to another chihuahua meetup on Saturday; not many people have signed up. Hope Bindi behaves herself.

Had dinner for six last Saturday. Nice, but what a lot of work! Clean the house, buy the food, prepare the food, make sure everybody has what they need. I had salad, vegetable stir fry with tofu, cauliflower in cheese sauce. Next time I'm ordering in pizza. Two of the guests brought the most amazing cheese; absolutely delicious. Better be, at $19/lb. There are a couple of new fancy cheese shops in town.

For some ridiculous reason it's going to take two weeks to get my tongue thingie paperwork authorized and sent to the doc from whom I want a second opinion. So I had to change the appt. with the second doc till April. That's not right, but I didn't have the energy to fight it.

Photo of IKA being her graceful athletic self. You go, girl!


Anonymous said...

hey sweetie, pls don't put your laptop anywhere but in your hand luggage! somehow mine got damaged even there...
i can't believe you're going to Naples! so cool! so close to Romania! i can't believe i still don't have a place of my own to welcome you in(still living in the matchbox)...but hopefully i'll be in NH sometime in July...
i loved your list of to-do things, you're as weird as ever:))), and i'm loving that!
bad woman leaving! yessssss!!!!
i was having such a horrible morning and now that i've caught up on your blog i feel i'm not so alone anymore, thank you, linda,
i have to be off to uni now, i'm teaching - get a load of this! - 10 hours straight (and that's only less than half my workload a week...)
i miss you linda
and i miss bindi
and rachel and frances too:)

kim said...

we're spending a fortune on heat, too. This sprawling house with old windows and all that is a killer. You're going to Naples?! I missed that. Sounds niiiice!