Monday, March 17, 2008

Window of Opportunity

Dr's appt this morning. Changing meds to see if there's a better result. This was the first time I had seen my dr's Corgi in her office, and as soon as I sat down the dog came over and put his head on my foot, and lay down. She said he is very empathetic. I was rubbing his head while she asked me how I was, and I started to cry. Not that great, I said. Am looking into extending my leave. PTSD. Got more news last week about how I was discriminated against. Can't get a break from the bad stuff, can't rest. Used to love my naps, now I can't.

Afterwards, went to Guilford to get a birthday present for a client. He knits, so I bought some skeins of llama yarn made from the groomed fur of the animals kept on the orchard grounds. It is a perfect gift. I hope it will be enough to knit a hat or some gloves or a scarf. $9 a skein. Is that a lot? Came from the llama named Iris.

Then to the hardware store, the best one in the area, incredibly helpful staff, small, old fashioned. Got my mop/broom handle holder, and some bottle of chemicals to clean my flat glass topped stove. Then a cappacino and bagel at the coffee shop while reading the paper. Then to the vet to get Bindi's nails clipped and her AGE, which were full. Saw one of the staff there who I've talked with many times, and she is having a very hard time trying to get out of her marriage. Cannot find a place for her and her sons to move to. I felt so badly for her, and encouraged her to get some support. She wants to stay in the area but cannot find anything she can afford. She knows that's why I ended up where I am, because I could not afford the shoreline. I miss it so much. I feel calmer there. Met a tiny nine week old pug named Lila who was totally cute.

Saw my dentist who said I should see an oral surgeon about my tongue. He suggested that the biopsy might not have been as traumatic if an oral surgeon had done it. Everybody has a different opinion. The thing is still sore.

A little over a week before I go to Florida. Can't wait. R & F are in Disneyworld right now. I told them to bring me a teeny tiny Tinkerbell.


kim said...

((((((hug!))))) I'm sorry about the bad news and stress from work, even when you're away from work. :( And your naps no longer being restful.

$9 a skein is a good price for fancy yarn. When I started knitting I thought it would be an inexpensive hobby, LOL

dale said...

Just dropping by to say "Hi!"