Friday, January 02, 2009

It's Really a Dunkin' Donuts

Channel 433 on cable tv has programming called "Soundscapes," which is contemporary easy to listen to music. Trying to figure out a new term besides "New Age." I also like Light Classical, and of course the 70s channel. Only figured out Comcast offered this about six months ago. K. coming over to eat leftover food from when Max was here. Dog play and some organic wine drinking. Dahl with brown rice, already roasted chicken, pineapple chutney homemade. Already some of the house plants are covered in bugs and I sprayed them all before I brought them in from outside. What a pain. The lemon verbena barely made it through last winter and it's having the same trouble this year. Covered with aphids even tho I've done the horticultural spray and pepper spray treatments. Think I have to throw it in the shower and give it a good rinsing. It's still cold, in the 30s and I have no desire to go outside. Bindi neither, tho she would walk if I went with her. We'll never know till the temp goes up about 8 degrees. Want to see that new niece of mine, want to go to Florida's warm water before my knee surgery. Do not want to go through this knee surgery thing, but have to get it out of the way. I'm gonna be really pissed off in ten years when they have completely non invansive ways of dealing with this problem and the recovery is minimal. Uck.

Photo of a very discreet McDonalds not too far from here. Every franchise should be so subtle.


Anonymous said...

makes ya wanna go for a happy meal...KH

LA said...

Oh, actually, it was a Dunkin'
Donuts, not McDonalds, so you'll have to have a coffee roll instead.