Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Max from the Hague

is visiting. He's sick. So I fed him chicken soup and brownies, and he's in bed hacking his lungs up. We'll spend an elderly new year's eve making dal from an old friend's recipe, and channel surfing. Have invited some friends over, but doubt any of them will wanna go out either. He said I looked very Dutch with my new haircolor, Cinnaberry. As if. He wants to get a lemon zester when he is here. My friend from Ireland was taken with my potato peeler. Do these Euroguests have a thing for small kitchen gadgets? Do you think if I send Irish a potato peeler in the mail to Ireland that it would be confiscated because there is a blade in there? I love being retired, love being able to worry about such things.
Photo: Sunset in the yard a few days ago.


dale said...

Danish? Cinnaberry? You sound like you should be in an airport pastry shop.


Your photos aren't loading for some reason. Weird.

kim said...

I think my hair was cinnaberry once!

Max in the Hague said...

LA is the hostess with the mostess

Anonymous said...

I gave R and C carrot "julianners" in their stockings. Curtis had his confiscated from his carry-on luggage. So, went on line and ordered him a better one that will be shipped directly to him. I just sent R's--do not expect a problem. Maybe overseas is different.
Happy New Year. CSA