Friday, December 05, 2008


Sunday, Dec. 7

This is my new niece Anara. The above photo is Dec. 4, and photo below Nov. 30, her birthday. She sure is good lookin'! And she's a Sagittarian, like me, ha ha!
A little snow today, Dec. 7. Took Bindi to get her nails cut, and the trainer's store was mobbed, and not a little chaotic. There was a HUGE bark and we all turned around to see it coming from this tiny dachshund. And people talk about Bindi having a big bark for a little dog.
Have had jet lag since getting back on Wednesday. Yesterday and today I had to put myself to bed at around 4 and got up around 7. I went to a couple of crafts fairs yesterday, I almost feel compelled to cause I never know what special thing I might find, and I indeed did find something unique: a new kind of wreath made out of dog biscuits, for five bucks. But I was feeling very panicky around 3pm, and knew I had to get home and into bed for a bit of unconsciousness.
K. came over for a quick breakfast today; forgot to ask her to get stuff out of the attic for me. She was in CA when I was, but our paths did not cross.
Had dinner with M. & S. on Friday night. Blazing fire in the fireplace, and we played again the game that S. loves, fold a paper in three, and each person makes either feet, torso, or head, and then we unfold to see what we have. No peeking at the drawing before you add your bit. S. made me a sweet glasses holder. She is just learning to sew.
Another guitar lesson tomorrow. Had a new client this week. She came in saying she was depressed and anxious, but did not know why. After several minutes of conversation, I had a list of about fifteen things, any one of which could make her depressed or anxious.

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Ilia said...

She's the sweetest little thing ever, and I'm lucky enough to have her as a sister!