Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Change the Sheets

The view from Adrian's father's deck, Mariposa, CA.

My niece Risa with her partner Adrian,
Thanksgiving morning, 2008.

Oh, gay cabana boy, where ARE youuuuuuu? It's that time again to change the sheets on my bed, such a huge undertaking. But I bet he could do it in a flash, singing all the while.

Went for a massage with a new person yesterday. I looked on the Aetna sight, my health insurance company, and found this woman about a half hour from me who gives discounts to Aetna members. So instead of paying $65 or $70 or more, I paid $45 for an hour. I'm going back next week for an hour and a half. The drive out Route 68 to where she is in Durham in really lovely.

I HAVE to start using my CPAP machine, for sleep apnea. I have such a revulsion for it, but I've got to at least see if it makes me feel less tired. I'm tired all the time, except when I'm doing something that really motivates me. Could use some encouragement.

Yoga yesterday was strenuous. Not that we were doing anything so differently. Someone else complained about having a hard time too. Maybe it's the weather. Or maybe it was that I had just come from the massage. The yoga instructor wants to teach the class every day the week after next because the room will be available, and he's so into sharing his knowledge. I guess it's good that it feels strenuous -- building and stretching muscles and all that.

Had my second guitar lesson on Monday. That was hard, too. But I ordered the Strunal guitar yesterday, and hopefully it will be here by next lesson, so I can begin practicing. Twinkle twinkle little star . . .

Bought myself red, white, and peppermint striped mini carnations yesterday, and am mixing them in vases with fresh holly from a tree near here. Very pretty and seasonal.

Watched "Angels in America" a few nights ago. Very moving. A two disc dvd. When the play was on Broadway, I think it was six or eight hours long. It focuses on the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, but is wide ranging in its exploration or love, death, ethics, truth, the meaning of life, all that good stuff. The movie has Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, James Cromwell, Mary-Louise Parker, Patrick Wilson, and others. Tony Kushner, the writer of the play, is also in it for a brief time.

Bindi's picking up my bad habits. When I let her out of her crate in the morning, you'd think she'd want to go outside and pee, but instead, she crawls under the covers in my bed, and stays there for another hour or two. Yesterday I had to call out, "Come on, Bindi, it's time to get up," a couple of times before she would come out. I guess she likes the comfort and the warmth.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Bindi. As soon as I am out of the warm covers at 6:30 am, I force myself to make the bed thus making it less tempting to crawl back and sleep some more. Sleeping too much in daylight hours is a bit creepy vampirish.
Knees have been in painland more than I would have expected by now. It's a new kind of pain and rears its ugly head around 2:00 AM. I'm fighting back with pain meds and more exercise on the bike, lifting weights and mall walking. CSA

Max in the Hague said...

Risa and Adrian look like sweethearts, what a great photo!

I'd help with the sheets if I were there! I'd smile, but there's no singing guaranteed! ;-)

I can't say enough good things about yoga... I just feel so much better when I do it. But sometimes it IS physically taxing and I feel spent and sometimes sick afterwards. But I'm told sometimes the yoga frees up toxins in your body as part of a cleansing process so it's normal to feel out of it afterwards...

i need to blog more, i added a tidbit today, more will follow, xxx