Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Snow

What a shock. More snow. In the midwest too, as exhibited in this photo of niece with good knees having winter fun.

Bindi bolted out the door yesterday morning and I spent an hour before a neighbor was able to help me get her. I even called in the animal control guy from the end of the street. She absolutely has cabin fever and was out on the prowl in yesterday's two seconds of sun. It was exhausting, esp. since I can't move fast in order to run her down, and because I'm a dufus for not training her better to come when called. She's what we in polite society call "a dickens." I would just let her wander but there is a road here, not terribly busy, but she is small, and the cars are big and might not see her.

A friend today called me "doll," and a neighbor called me "dear." I like thost niceties.

The ice storm from other other day broke my windshield wiper so I had to spend yesterday afternoon at the Subaru place having it fixed. They were very nice there, and it didn't take all that long. You can't drive a car without a workable windshield wiper in this weather.

It's all crusty and cold and sharp and wholely uninviting in the outside world. I started going thru my old files today and managed to fill two large grocery bags with paper, etc. to recycle. That's not even 1/500 of what I need to go thru, but it's a start and I feel proud of that.

Made homemade chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I miss the days when we would make them with shortening. Butter isn't the same. I want my trans fats!

The above is a Chihuahua Yardbird, made by a company in Kentucky that recycles parts and makes these crazy critters. Junkyard dogs and cats. This was a present for my birthday/retirement from K & L.


Ilia said...

hehe i like that pic of me... and I usually don't like how I look in pictures.
(by the way, I'm talking about the one of the girl on the sled... not the one of the dog)

Hi! I'm Erin said...

I am so tired of snow. I want to run outside and not have my feet freeze and not have to worry about slipping and falling. I want my dry sidewalks back!

Trinka Deu also has cabin fever. Jason took her to the dog park today to run some of it off.

I'm proud of you for going through some of your old files, too. I know what a daunting task it is.

The Chihuahua Yardbird is a fabulous gift!