Saturday, January 03, 2009


One of my favorite photos from the birthday retirement party. The ceiling was covered with helium filled balloons, a tradition in the M & S family for birthdays and celebrations. One of the kids there, about 10 years old, began tying balloons onto Bindi's harness, I guess to see how many it would take to levitate her. Well, S. got very put out, since she had spent so much time positioning the balloons, and went to sulk under the dining room table and would not come out. So I told the other ten year old, you have to take the balloons off Bindi. No one was happy in that little drama, but I got a great picture out of it.


Ilia said...

hahahahahahaha that made me laugh. did bindi enjoy it?

kim said...

oh, hey, when you come visit we can get one of those helium / balloon tank sets and try it and take a picture when Bindi floats, and you can take it to the 10 year old. 'Cause that's a worthy experiment and good use of balloons in my book!