Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold, Cold Go Away

No heat this morning. Have just called the oil company, but I called them a couple of days ago to make sure I had enough oil. When I called just now, the guy wanted me to go to the cellar and check the level of the fuel, which I can't do because of all the snow covering the bulkhead outside and because of my knees getting down the stairs.

And me with an overnight guest, a 10 year old, who was extremely happy to watch cartoons last night since he doesn't get to watch them at home. The heat was working fine when I went to bed. I had turned it up, cause of the kid sleepover, and because MY HEATED MATTRESS PAD DOESN'T WORK ANY MORE! I could set the house temp to 55 degrees overnight, and turn it up in the morning, but until I get a new HEATED MATTRESS PAD. I need it to be warm at night.

11.15 Called the landlord, he came over, tried to reset the furnace, no go. Now I'm waiting for the oil company, but of course they are overwhelmed with calls. Supposed to go to the New Britain Museum at 2pm with C & D, but not if the oil company hasn't shown up yet.

Bindi's still under the covers, even with her cashmere sweater on. She was walking around shiverring this morning. I wish she were a big old Newfoundland dog about now, cause I could just curl up with a huge canine and watch bad tv till the furnace is fixed.

10.00 pm I waited eight hours before the furnace guy came. He went straight to the cellar from outside, banged around a while, went back and forth to his van, never came to the door to tell me what he was doing or would do, fixed it and left. It's now a balmy 70 degrees in here. Feels so luxurious after hovering under blankets with a space heater all day. Man, that can make you tense!

Didn't make it to the museum, but we did go out to dinner at a nice Italian place, and I went over to see C & D's condo that they just bought. It's very nice. They went me to move back to the shoreline. Everyone thinks I'm very far away where I am, but I did try to find a place on the shoreline and couldn't. Oh well.

Note to people with small dogs/cats they might want to take on an airplane trip: the fee each way for an in-cabin pet used to be $80. Now it's $150 each way, for a total of $300 round trip. So while my ticket for my next trip was only $189, the dog will cost me $300!!! And she has to stay in her carrier under the seat in front of me on the floor. Not even her own seat for that money!

Bought a new heated mattress pad at Kohl's. Too tired to put it on right now, but tomorrow will redo the bed and get the fire going again.

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kim said...

Wow, I'm glad you got your heat fixed. It does get cold fast when the heat is out.