Sunday, January 04, 2009


My 13 year old niece with her baby sister. Such pretty girls.
Sleepy day today. Took a long nap. Still not wanting to go out in the cold, but supposed to be close to 40 tomorrow. Got an email from another friend from 30 years ago. Upcoming busy week after the relative calm of the "holidays."
Remember that movie with Tom Cruise called "Minority Report," where the cops could tell you were going to commit a crime before you did it? Well, there was a report on 60 Minutes about huge advances in brain scans that can reveal all sorts of intentionality in people. It's too freaky, man.


dale said...

It was so sad when Tom ate the wrong lunch in Minority Report.

Kim said...

kinda scary, seems like it would be easily misused

Max in the Hague said...

minority report had great special effects! And cool orchestral music! Tom's a bit of a nut of course, but we knew that for a while. Off to the Hague tomorrow, have had some fun adventures in NYC & NJ this week, more soon, xxx