Thursday, January 29, 2009


I slept till 12.30 today, even though I went to bed by 10.30 last night. Just not feeling up to par. Oh for goodness' sake, when's the last time I felt "up to par," whatever that means? I'm looking online for a pair of insulated coveralls; I just cannot stand this cold and snow. I see some dripping outside so perhaps it is slightly above 32 degrees. Yep, just checked, it's 34.

M & S came for dinner last night. M and I had "salmon franks," that I found in the natural food shop. Not too bad, actually. S had turkey franks, broccoli stems, and potatoes. She do love herself some potatoes!! M brought me two bunches of the most beautiful orange and yellow tulips. And I had needed flowers badly. After dinner, S colored some pages I had printed off the internet, and we watched funny cat videos on YouTube. We laughed and laughed.

I have to go out and buy a new valise for my trip next week. The zipper on my other one has broken from all the wear and tear. I saw some purple, red, and orange ones at TJMaxx last week for not too much money. Will go get one of those. No more black!

My guitar teacher has been very patient with me, and I'm feeling less stressed about practicing, although I'm still not doing it. I just finished reading "Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic," by Alison Bechdel, an autobiographical graphic novel. Excellent, surprisingly deep and provocative. I'm now reading "Breathing Water," by Thomas Gavin, the husband of a friend of mine. Too soon into it know if I like it or not.

Elizabeth Alexander, the poet who read at the Obama inauguration, is on the Jale campus this afternoon, but I can't get it together to go.

Watched "I'm Not There," the film based on the life of Bob Dylan. I thought it was confusingly fragmented, but watching Cate Blanchett as the young Dylan was worth the view.


Max in the Hague said...

Sounds like you've been busy!
I often find I want to sleep more in the winter... and i've also discovered that i think chocolate really does make me happier! I heard the pure stuff is lower in sugar than alot of the candy bars. Any idea if it's true? talk soon, xxx

j. pluecker said...

i also really liked "fun home." one of those books i did not want to end. ever.

and yeah, kate blanchett as bob dylan made the movie worthwhile.

love, jp