Monday, January 19, 2009

Bindi's birthday


Going to the other side
My accusers claimed
So used to my adoration
of the feline species

No, just expanding horizons
I replied
Take the risk
Move to the country
and get a mutt

Overwhelmed by my act
Little rescue cloaked inside
my jacket
Throws up in fear as
I buy the necessary accoutrements

My brother said
I don't want rude children
and so it was with us
Me getting up several times a night
those first few weeks
plopping her small body
outside in the cold
to pee

We crossed that barrier
Housebroken in record time
Me exhausted from parenting
Time now for school

Training for me
as well as the critter
Puppy kindergarten
So much fun
Bindi bonding with a
huge Great Dane

A working dog
My companion at the
Bringing smiles and joy
to so many others
What a special treat to be able
to give to the world

Runaways, surgeries, air travel
We've made it four years
with adventures and licks
and sweaters and laughs

Thanks, kid.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Bindi!!!!!

Max in the Hague said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Bindi! I met ANOTHER dog named Bindi recently, a Collie!