Friday, September 22, 2006

Wraps Aren't Just Sandwiches

Here's little Bindaloo with her wrapped up legs and shaved tushie. Tommaso is holding her. He is our new friend and likes Bindi very much. She seems to be doing well, and rolled on her back in the grass this morning, but is still confused by the restrictions on her legs. But she's a good dog, and we'll get through this.


kim said...

so are those casts? Or splints?
I'm glad to hear she's doing okay. Give her some hugs from us.

On Dillboy's enlarged heart ~ is that a diagnosis/cause or is it a symptom? :-(

Hugs to you, too. We love you!


Grace said...

What a traumatic way to find your friend and companion, Linda. I am sorry. I never met your cats because of my cat allergies but I have in the distant past grieved over puppy loss.

What's the history behind your dog's name, Bindi? And what's it like to have canine energy in the house after years of only feline energy?


Anonymous said...

Well, I think they ought to be put in the canine museum for the prettiest dog wraps, but well, I'm just crazy!

Lots of kisses to you, Linda, and just one for Bindi, she gets too many as it is! Enough:)!