Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wild Turkeys

Very low energy day for me. Several things I wanted to do, could have done, but was not able to get myself out the door.

Around two pm I looked outside and saw two adult wild turkeys and two little ones scavenging to bugs and grubs and such in our yard. Fortunately, none of the cats were outside to scare them off. I looked out another window and saw another adult with two teenager birds trundling across the west lawn, meeting up with the first four. They all pecked at the ground for about 20 minutes then moved on. I was hoping one would leave me a feather, but no. Still, the visual encounter was special.

My cucumbers are producing much fruit, now that the season is ending. I planted them late, so this will give me a good excuse to eat them when they are very small and tender, which I prefer anyway.

S. called from Florida. We had a nice chat. I miss him.
J. called on his way back to Milford. Bit of a hard day for him. Maybe we'll get together tomorrow. I want to go see Salt & Pepper, the gospel group, which will be in Stony Creek tomorrow afternoon. Hope I don't forget.

Off to the dreaded sleep study in about an hour.

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kim said...

Oh the sleep study! Ugh. I hope it goes okay. I had a friend who's husband had the Darth Vader Mask.

Cool on the turkeys! We saw a pheasant in our backyard once. There's a lot of wild turkeys in our area but not so much *in* town. Although we've had to stop for them near mom's house before.

Hope you have a good night despite the study.

Love you much!