Monday, September 04, 2006

Worried and Sad

Dill did not come home last night, nor this morning. I decided to go out and look for him on the street behind my house, and found a family in their front yard playing. I stopped and introduced myself, and they were extremely nice, Laurie and Gary, and four beautiful children. They had seen a black and white cat about a week ago, and I gave them my name and number and they said they would call if they saw Dill. As I was driving around more, I began to cry, worried about my big boy, praying for his return. After calming myself, the phone rang, and it was Laurie saying she had seen Dill in their backyard and he was fine, but he ran away when she called him. I felt my guardian angels on duty again, and was able to accept the invitation my neighbord A. across the street had offered earlier about coming for tea, since I felt Dill would be on his way home.

A. told me that Steve Irwin had been killed. This was an enormous shock to me, since I had not heard the news, and because he has been a significant inspiration to me. I credit watching his show with helping me rid myself of my fear of snakes, and I named my dog after his darling daughter Bindi, who herself was named after Steve's favorite crocodile. Bindi Irwin, now 8, is a remarkable little girl, afraid of no animal, self confident, gentle, and will surely follow in her father's footsteps. What a tragedy that she will have to take those steps so soon. Around 10 pm, while watching television reports on Steve's death, I heard Dill's soprano meow at the door and with relief let him in. He seems none the worse for having been gone 24 hours, and love of animals seemed to be the theme of the day.

M. and M. were here for dinner and I was very glad to see them. Classes start tomorrow, and the grind.

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kim said...

I'm so glad Dillboy is home.
I didn't realize it was Steve Irwin's daughter that your Bindi was named after! I'm sorry the news was such a shock & personal to you. :(
love you!