Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here Comes the Sun

What a beautiful day it turned out to be. The sun appeared after days of rain, and today was supposed to be dreary as well, but I think my chakra wand was doing it's job.

I made two pans of lasagna for the party, bought a big basket of peaches from Bishop's, and waited for my guests to arrive. It was a laid-back, cheery gathering, with lots of good eats, and fun for dogs and kids and adults. Three of us stayed past the ending time to play Scrabble. Did you known ern is a kind of eagle, and tipi is an alternate spelling for tepee? D. got a job at the Yale library which means another friend will be very close to my office, and several people told me what nice friends I have. I feel blessed to have them, to be sure

My knees are aching. Too tired to write more.

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kim said...

Sounds wonderful! A really nice day. I did know those scrabble words, but I forget them under pressure, or can't remember which words are real and which ones my brain made up :)
And yes, you do have nice friends! At least, the ones I've met.
I'm looking forward to reading your blogging!
love you lots,