Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Want To Dance!

I want to dance I want to dance I want to dance!! I had such fun at Carolyn's party dancing and being silly and singing along with the songs. I miss that kind of fun, and the feeling of twirling and moving my body to the music. I think it's good for us, like the feeling I got when I was singing in the gospel choir. I think music and movement creates healthy vibrations in the body which is why all cultures have their own particular ways of singing and dancing. Wish I had my new knees and was 50 lbs lighter so that it wouldn't take such a toll on me.

It was joyous to have the little kids on the dance floor; watching Emony dance with Aiden(sp)after they had been chatting up at the table previously was too precious. Em is a natural, just bouncing and jumping to the tunes as if she were born to it. She and Aiden made a strong connection, and I think Aiden wanted to take her home with him. Oh, by the way, they're 5 and 7 years old. Ilia, in her serious way, was trying to learn the steps, and I hope that she enjoyed herself. Carolyn got some smiles out of her by twirling her about. Even Garrick got himself out on the dance floor, tho he was adamant earlier about not doing it. Way to go, dude. Shake that booty!

The trip home was chaotic since the weather was bad and all flights were delayed. I managed to get on an earlier flight to Hartford so I wouldn't have to wait in the airport for four hours, but my luggage did not make it home with me, and since I had "voluntarily separated myself from my luggage," they would not deliver it to me in Guilford without an enormous fee, so I drove up there again last night to pick it up. Ho hum. It was good to be home with the animals; all three cats have been sleeping on the bed, and Bindi has been sleeping a lot since she had a very active weekend with Gaia and Jen. I go for my sleep study with CPAP machine on Saturday night, and Bindi goes into the hospital on Sunday night for her surgery on Monday, so this weekend will be stressful.

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jp said...

Sounds great. So nice to read your blog. Good to read all the fun things you end up doing. Go you! JP