Monday, September 18, 2006


I am very sad to report that I came home this afternoon around 4:45 and found DillBoy dead on my bedroom floor. A counseling client arrived around the same time and she helped me enormously. She carried him out to the car and we drove to the vet, and they will keep him overnight. Tomorrow morning I will take him to the veterinary pathology center at UConn and have a necropsy done to find out what killed him. He had not been dead very long. I am very very sad. (His sister Camilla is behind him in this photo, taken by my friend Rob.)


Marian said...

Linda! How awful! Poor Dill boy ...
I'm so sorry to hear about this. Mum told me earlier today as well.
The rest of your blog is lovely, though. Thanks for sending me the link.
I hope you learn something productive from the vet and that you feel better soon.

kim said...

I'm so sorry, Linda. :-(

What a sad, awful thing.

Praying for you tonight!


jp said...

dillboy was a very cute cat. and i know how important he was to you. he looks very peaceful inthe photo. love, jp

Erin said...

I am behind on my blog reading and I just came across this. My heart goes out to you Linda! I know your cats are your babies. I send hugs and shoulders to cry on when you feel the need.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I am so sorry about Dill! My sympathies to you and his sister! You are in my thoughts! Love,