Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Academia Blah

Classes began yesterday, and I started to get another crick in my neck. I am SO done with this job. Thankfully, I have some wonderful colleagues who keep me going, and we complain and moan to one another so we don't feel so bad. And having Bindi in the office gets me outside a couple of times a day, and gets others to come into my office, even if it's not me they want to see!

I'm still sad about Steve Irwin's death, even though countless good people die every day. It's just that his program had a very real positive impact on me, and from the media reports, he was very much loved and admired. He was working on what is called "soft footage" or something like that for his daughter Bindi's kid's program they have been working on, when he was struck by the stingray. I have heard some criticism about him and how he exploited animals, but the vast majority of the reports from people who knew him emphasized his passionate conservation efforts, how he has managed to get into protection thousands of acres of Australian land as wildlife habitat, and how he was quite humble and treated everyone equally. So what that he was a showman whose enthusiasm sometimes went too far?! Would that we were all that passionate about saving endangered animals, people, and planets.

Getting ready for my trip to my sister's near Chicago for the second wedding reception for her son and his new bride. It will be a bit of a family reunion for me with both sisters and brother there, and families, which will be very nice. A quick trip, I'll be back on Monday night. BindiDog isn't coming with me since she is not welcome in Carolyn's house where I will be staying, because she will traumatize Carolyn's cat Daisy, but Bindi will go stay with Jen and Gaia again, and have much fun again I'm sure.

Watched the first show of the new season of one of my favorite TV programs last night: "House." It was kind of lame.

Went swimming at the Shoreline Y outdoor pool on the way home from work. It's cool enough to keep BindiDog in the car while I swim. I never want to go, but when it is so convenient, I have no excuse. The Y is building a new facility with two pools and I'm trying to lobby them to have one of them be outdoor, or at least have a roof that can roll back in the summer. They say it is very expensive to do that, and will depend on how much money is raised. There are no public outdoor pools around here! It's so frustrating. Who wants to swim inside in 80 degree weather in chlorine? Not me.


slugmom said...

no public outdoor pools? really? Are there upscale clubby places you could join?

I'm sorry Bindi can't come this trip, we'll miss her. But we're looking forward to seeing you and swimming together and stuff.

love you!

Robert Crusz said...

Love your site Linda. Many sympathies for Dillboy and give Bindi a big hug if it doesn't hurt ! Will send a long email shortly. Missing the girl very much. What to do !!

Robbie from Sri Lanka.