Thursday, September 28, 2006


Frances stayed over last night. I picked her up from aftercare, then took her to soccer practice, then we went to the diner for dinner, then home. She did her homework, read some, and we watched about 1/2 hour of "Thomasina," then she fell asleep. I took her to school this morning, after getting a bit lost from the MapQuest directions. She awakened during the night saying she had a bad dream, and I remember saying something about, "Just think of pretty things, the beach, and Bindi," or some such and that must have worked cause I didn't hear another peep out of her till 7:30 this morning.

Busy at the Yale office. Will be working on a submission for the, "Not Your Ordinary Poster Session," sponsored by the Women Faculty Forum. My theme will be my 2001 action against Urban Outfitters for selling their sexist t-shirt. Several of us have mice in our offices so I got "Mice Cubes," humane small plastic mouse traps I found online. No trappees yet.

Yesterday I saw the dietition. I said I had been doing way too much sugar since the past two weeks have been so stressful; she has convinced me to try a bunch of different supplements as she feels my body is "inflamed," in several different ways. I will try these supplements but I told her she has to not give me too many, as I am already taking several prescription drugs, and I don't want to do that much more pill popping.

On Wednesday, I got DillBoy's ashes back. They were beautifully packaged by the pet crematory in a small green tin with pink roses on. Enclosed was a lovely card signed by the owner of the facility, who said that Dill was "handled with care." Separately, my check was sent back with a note saying I had forgotten to sign it! Grief was my excuse. I also watched the interview Barbara Walters did with Terri Irwin, on Wednesday night. Very moving, especially when Terri thru her tears said, "I lost my prince . . . I lost my prince." She also said she had been blessed to have 14 years with Steve Irwin, and two beautiful children. She felt he was not gone, that his spirit will live on even stronger. She impressed me as much with her emotional strength as she has with her physical strength, when she had accompanied Steve on many challenging nature expeditions.

Monday I took Bindi to have her bandages changed. The vet said she was healing nicely, and hopefully the stitches and bandages can come off next week. The vet had glowing things to say about Dr. Pond, Bindi's knee surgeon.

On Sunday, J. and I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine," a film I quite enjoyed on many levels. Great acting, very funny, and some very interesting moments that were well done. We then walked thru a craft fair on the Milford green, where Bindi was a hit, everyone wanting to know what kind of dog she was and what happened to her legs. J. said, the only four words you need to remember are," Chihuahua mix, knee surgery." We then had a drink at a local cafe where we received terrible service, and the iced tea was gross. I then was off to Thai Taste for dinner with Yale colleagues/friends, and Frances, who had brought me a hand-made sympathy card about DillBoy. It was precious. She and R. had a cat, Skinny, die of the same thing.

Saturday, I saw a counseling client in the morning, then ran errands in the pm. Took Bindi to Agway to get bird food and dog food, and can't remember what else. Friday we went to Moderately Cheerful Hour, and Bindi and I got to see Jen, our favorite dog sitter.


Anonymous said...

Ain't my kid cute? Thanks for watching her while I romped around.
Your pal,

kim said...

Frances seems so young to have homework! But it sounds like you had such a nice time with her.
I'm glad to hear Bindi is healing up well!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing along this website - reading about Frances' sleepover, Bindi, and the happenings and thought processes of your everyday makes me miss New Haven a lot. Can't wait to see you and catch up even more when I come visit. Talk to you soon!
Love, Loren