Saturday, August 30, 2008

At the Zoo

Last Wednesday I hung out with a friend's ten year old son, and I took us both to the Beardsley Zoo. It's a small place, but well kept, and although some of the enclosures for the animals aren't as large as I would like them to be, the animals seem well cared for. We saw wolves, prairie dogs, bison, a condor, river otters, Andean bears, tigers, lynx, peacocks and other birds. I loved seeing the critters, and N. kept saying, "This is a fun day." We had zoo junk food, and rode the carousel together, and cruised the gift shop. It was perfect early fall weather (even though it's still August!).

Thursday I took my car in to have the few scratches on the bumper repaired after I rear ended that Lexus. The auto body shop was fairly close by, and it was the nicest place of its kind I'd ever been in. A "concierge" auto body shop. There were reps from Geico (mine) and Travelers insurance right there, a rental car waiting, and unbelievably gracious service. Kind of amazing. Got the car yesterday afternoon, and they had washed the car on top of it. Even got a call from Enterprise asking if the rental car was ok (a 2009 Malibu; talk about bad visibility!).

Was watching "The Grizzly Man Diaries" on Animal Planet last night, you know, that nutcase Timothy Treadwell. I was completely captivated. Before he and his girlfriend were eaten by the bears a few years ago, Treadwell had compiled tons of film footage and still photography that is astonishing and compelling. Although widely criticized for his methods (as was Steve Irwin and others), I was amazed at his apparent communication with the bears, and the information he uncovered during his years in Alaska.

Saw the Robs for a bit today. Cooked them some squash from my garden, with mushrooms, garlic, and tomatoes. They were pleased. Going to the beach tomorrow with a few folks. The water in Long Island Sound never got warm enough for me this year; I miss the ocean from my trip to Naples in March. Perfect temp.

Saw my primary care doc this week, and all my lab numbers were "beautiful," thanks to this cancer "diet." Blood sugar levels way down, since I'm not eating sugar, since I CAN'T TASTE IT! Have lost twenty pounds since May. Cholesterol is good. I remember my friend D. saying, when his mother had cancer and lost weight, that he and his brother wanted to get her a t-shirt for laughs that said, "Cancer is slimming." They didn't. Good move.

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Max in the Hague said...

All that social stuff sounds really nice! There's something about fall that I like, from the crispness, the oncoming activity...

Just about "cancer being slimming," yeah, this dark humor can be ok for some but certainly not for everyone. I remember when my father had prostate cancer, he kept talking about "Patrick" with my mother and how Patrick hasn't been a problem since the operation, or how Patrick isn't around any more... A little questioning revealed a preferably "kept away from my ears" running joke between my parents to name body parts: Patrick Prostate, for example! TOO MUCH INFORMATION! hahaha. And further on this alliteration thread, a nickname my mother uses for my father always struck me as hilarious: Albert the Alienator.