Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two More Days

Monday is my last radiation treatment. That's a good thing, but healing from this barbaric treatment will take a while. My mouth/tongue are very sore, and I can't taste anything at all. Muchly fatigued. Mouth should get better in 1-2 weeks, tastebuds back not for three months. Another fresh hell. I'll miss peach season and most of apple season.

Have been doing lots of weeding in my community garden after the weeks of rain. I've got a volunteer patty pan squash that is just starting to put out fruit. My big beigy apricoty dahlias are blooming, really impressive. Still waiting for the tuberose to send up flowers. Bought myself a glass gazing globe on sale today, to put atop my Three Graces garden sculpture which now has a bowl of petunias resting on their heads. They need something for the winter. My canna are very dramatic in my hosue garden, so tall with big leaves and then the red flower flame.

Last Sunday I visited some university colleagues and their kids and dogs. That was a lot of fun, esp. the kids and dogs. Gaia, a big black lab, and Henry, a small black and white Boston terrier, three little girls and a boy, and my friend J. who is pregnant with twin girls. A. told me that women's studies has never been so disorganized and she doesn't even understand why it is still being funded. Well, that's what they get for pushing me out.

P. from London is visiting in September, but not staying with me. It will be good to see him, albeit briefly.


dale said...

It's good that your treatments are almost over. Take care.

Kim said...

I'm glad you're nearly done with radiation! Maybe you can freeze some fresh peaches and enjoy them in a few months.