Monday, August 11, 2008

Pool and Homeopathy

Saturday I went to a pool party (in-ground, not sticks), and had the best time playing beachball in the water with four other women. We drew quite the crowd, and I had fun! I had fun! It was kind of like volleyball without the net. Was even able to eat some of the food at the potluck, but my tastebuds for sweets are pretty much gone now. Just today I learned that it can take several MONTHS for the tastebuds to regenerate themselves, which is not good news. It's hard to have an appetite when I can't taste much of anything.

Had a long interview with a colleague of my naturopath, a "constitutional homeopathy" assessment. I told my life story and she asked specific questions about feelings, dreams, etc. in order to choose the right homeopathic remedy for me. Will pick it up on Wednesday. If it works, it should help shift my mood to something more positive.

Weather still unseasonably cool, with quite a bit of rain, but I'm not complaining. August is usually stifling hot and humid here, so this climate change, while disturbing in the big picture, on the microlevel is welcome.

Took a very long nap today. Radiation nap. I let the dog in the bed for a while.
My dear friend JK will be in town tomorrow with his partner, and I'll meet them out at the Robs. That should be very good, although a very short visit. I miss him.


Kim said...

I'm so glad to hear you had fun! That does sound like fun. Maybe you should play beachball in the water more often! We have the cooler weather here, too -- it's been nice to enjoy without it necessarily mean Fall is here. I'm not ready for fall.

Anonymous said...

hi Andy! You see I am reading your blog!
Today I need to sign FA up for an after school program and we are going to check ouut the heated OUTDOOR pool near us.
So, when are ya moving to Oakland? We love it here!