Saturday, August 23, 2008


So Bindi and I were over at K.'s for a playdate with Momo, and on the way home I decided to take the turnpike. As I pulled onto the entrance ramp, I saw that there was intense traffic, and cars coming from the other entry to the entrance ramp were back to back trying to get into the flow of traffic. I waited quite a while until I could find a gap in the long line of cars and stepped on the gas. Bang! I hit the car in front of me. And it wasn't an old Nissan or even a newish Ford. IT WAS A LEXUS! Aaarrgghhh. They pulled over, I pulled over, I got out, apologized profusely, and saw that there appeared to be minor damage to the bumper of their car. I said to the guy, "What do you need from me?" He said, "I need to have this paid for." His girlfriend was already calling the police, even tho, really, there was minor damage. My new front bumper was scraped as well. In those kind of situations you don't want the bangee to get too annoyed, so I said, let me go to my car and get my insurance, registration, etc. He said ok, and we proceeded to wait for a cop. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. I was still in my car, and the guy and his girlfriend came over, and we began to make smalltalk. They were pretty cool about it all cause I was being so cooperative and submissive, and we traded addresses, phone numbers, insurance info. Turns out his last name was Arcangel. Huh. Ok, GAs, watching out for me again. We waited some more, talked about dogs and cars and geography, and they decided to call their insurance company to see if a police report was really needed. The company said no. So we both decided to go on our ways, and just then a state trooper pulls up, so he told us to pull off at the next exit to take care of this. Probably 45 minutes had gone by so far. He took the report, asked me if I knew it was my fault cause it was a rearend bang, I said yes. Then he gave me a verbal warning for following too close, and didn't even notice that the address on my license was WAY out of date. More cordial chit chat with the bangees, and then we were off. I haven't had an accident in probably 20 years, but I drive a car less than a month old, and this happens. Oh well. It could have been much much worse. Arcangel. Go figure.

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Kim said...

Very strange last name, never heard that as a name before. I'm sorry for the car accident, though, and in your new car, too! But glad it was minor and that you're safe.