Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gee, What Do You Do With Your Time?

Went to bed last night around 10. Woke up around 1.30am and was up till about 4. Got up at 8.00am, showered, let the dog out, fed the cats. Went to the bank, then to radiation treatment. Talked with the oncologist, then the social worker, who said I should call the American Cancer Society to get hooked up with a "mentor," a cancer survivor who has had the same type of cancer I have. Then went to see my counselor, who massaged my feet while we talked. So depressed, so isolated, so desolate. Then went to the natural foods store to get a smoothie. Their blender was still broken, and hadn't been sent out yet to be fixed. I said, "Go out to Target and spent $39 on a backup emergency blender. Tell the boss a customer said to do that." How hard is it to get a working blender?!?!?!?! So I bought some gazpacho, which I didn't want, but was something I could get down. Went to K's, we shared the gazpacho, and then I said I had to lay down. Momo came up on the sofa with me and we napped for a while, and K went outside to the porch and nap. Then I went to the naturopath, and we talked about treatments for the radiation symptoms. I met her new colleague who will work with me on homeopathic remedies for my unrelenting depression. I told her, no one but my counselor gets the full impact of everything I am dealing with, so if I work with you, don't ask me how I am doing. Assume I am not doing well until you hear otherwise. Stopped for ice cream, and bought some mushy things at the supermarket to eat. Bought lemon ice, but my taste buds are so compromised, it tasted awful. Came home, walked the dog, fed the cats, watched an episode of "House," ate some chicken with rice soup, blogged this. Now to bed to get up and do most of it all again.

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