Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sort of. Old car wouldn't start this morning, but finally did. Then as I was driving to radiation treatment, an exhaust pipe let loose and huge loud obnoxious muffler noises began emanating from underneath. Decided I would try to pick up the new car today instead of tomorrow. Called them. The side moulding had come in earlier than expected so sure, come on down. (Side moulding is no longer standard but an option!) After radiation treatment, I met K. at my former office to get stuff off the computer there, and to retrieve more of my books. The HR person who was also meeting us said she had good news: my long term disability benefits have been approved. Glory be. But not until I had written the union rep, a benefits rep, and this HR person earlier in the week saying WHEN WILL THERE BE A DECISION?? I AM DESOLATE!! And calling the insurance company making the decision. They had sent me a "customer service survey" even before the decision had been made, so I called the person at the bottom of that insulting piece of mail and said WHEN WILL THERE BE A DECISION?? I AM DESOLATE!! And it was true. So, the squeaky wheel. I cried all the time I was in my former office gathering up my things; this is not how I wanted to leave the job. The HR person had done a good job making sure no one else would be around, for which I was thankful. K. was right on top of the details, and was a tremendous help. My great IT guy was there, and just whisked all my documents onto the flash drive; I will miss him. We schlepped all the stuff to my old car, K. said she wanted to go with me to pick up the new car, so we made a plan. I stopped at the bank, got a cashiers' check, ran home, let the dog out, cleaned out all the crap from my Corolla, met K. at her house and went and picked up the Forester. She liked it a lot, which helped me like it more and feel a bit more excited. I was gonna give my Corolla to a teenage friend, but her parents decided against her having it cause it would cost them more for the insurance and upkeep. so I traded it in, and my cost for the Forester was less than I originally was expecting to pay. I feel lighter now that the LTD is approved, but now HR is saying that I have to be approved for Social Security disability TOO in order to retire at the end of this year. That was never my understanding, so will check in with my witnesses who were at the meeting where all of this was discussed, and see what they remember. The University is always trying to pull a fast one, and I have to keep on my toes. K. invited me for leftovers, she showed me her motorcycle project and her scooter project, and then we went to the park by the Sound to play with Momo and another local doggie. Too bad Bindi wasn't with.

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kim said...

I'm glad you were able to get your new car - just in the nick of time, it sounds like - and are making progress with decisions for work, glad the squeaking is working. You'll have to take a pic of you in your new car for the munchkins, they would be excited.