Friday, July 04, 2008

Small Things

A Hoops & Yoyo e-card from my 13 year old niece.

Yas calling from Australia.

The neighbor across the street inviting me to his son's graduation party.

The Pekinese Chihuahua mix named Oliver in the dog park.

Finding people who want to go to the beach.

The vet being happy when Camilla peed on his office floor.

Cool breeze after a hot day.

Jeff weeding my garden and creating beautiful paths.

Watching "Wall-E" with R & F.

Fresh strawberries locally grown.

A new scratching box for the cats.

Bindiana Bones' new pink cap with a flamingo on it.

Talking with my sis and my niece on the phone.

Alice in Wonderland fabric.


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a2116 said...

Finding little things to be joyful about can be hard, but it makes life so much better when you can, doesn't it?

I once interviewed for a job where they told me they never asked customers how they were doing but instead asked, "What beautiful thing have you seen today?" It seemed rather cheesy at the time but the older I get the more I like it.

kim said...

I think it's a good discipline to look at / list the good things, too -- I was on a message board where there was a regular posting for 'things I'm thankful for' which I always found good for me to think about :-)