Saturday, July 05, 2008

Drove Myself to Distraction

First to Guilford for a cookout. Some nice folks, good food, and to top it off, a couple who came late brought the five baby mallard ducks they had rescued from the road, found without a mom. I got to see how they were fed, in a dishpan of water with crushed egg, crushed cheerios, crushed dog/cat kibble, smushed cooked green beans. Then I helped dry them off after they did their feeding thing. It was totally way too cute and sweet, and what an adorable peeping they all made. Got to see my old digs and picked blooms from the lavender plant I planted there, and gave some to everyone. The photo above looks just like the baby ducks. They couldn't have weighed more than an ounce each, so delicate, so vulnerable. Taught someone the difference between lemon verbena and lemon balm. One winters over here, the other not.

Then to the neighbors across the street for the son's graduation party. Really high energy, great music blasting from the outdoor speakers, lots of nice people, and a good talk with a guy who used to sell cars. He thinks I should look at Subarus. Why won't someone just go out and pick a car for me and I'll pay for it?! A little boy named Teddy who was so vibrant and full of spirit was walking Bindi around and brought her back to me with Bindi's back right leg limping. He said he "slipped." She seems ok now, but will keep an eye on it. B. said she'd make a copy of the Marc Anthony Spanish language ballads cd that was so beautiful.

I was out from noon till 9pm. Tomorrow I have a lunch date back in Guilford with the Robs, and then Frances will come to my house for a sleepover tomorrow night. I seem to be easily distracted when I am with other people. When I get back home, the reality of my situations sinks back in.

Camilla has a bladder infection, and from licking her belly clean of fur had a badly irritated patch of skin, so she's on two new meds for those problems. I think she is feeling better now, tho. Poor girl.

But I managed to change the sheets on the bed, which feels great when I can manage it. I sleep better.

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Kim said...

I used to have a Subaru, a hand-me-down from my parents. It ran a good long time, I would probably consider another one ...

I'm glad you had a good and distracted time this weekend! :-) Staying busy with friends sounds like a good way to weather through this time.