Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beachy Keen

Went to Rocky Neck beach yesterday with a small group. It was nice, and as usual, wonderful to swim in salt water. It was only when we were about to leave, around 2 pm, that I noticed a couple of jelly fish in the water, so we skeedaddled. Wow, that's an old fashioned word! Don't even know if I spelled it anyway correctly. I slathered with sun screen and we had three umbrellas, so I didn't get burned.

Had a dream where I was asking people for help with choosing a car. I'm having a hard time. The CR-V Honda is fine, but it seems the front seats are a bit shallow, meaning the depth of the seat from back to front, and I seem to be fixated on that. Shouldn't the car seat reach almost the bend in your legs, meaning your knees, when you are sitting in it? My old Corolla does. The CR-V is about 3-4 inches short of that. Drove a Suburu Forester, and it was ok, as was the Rav-4, but none is turning me on. I'm not expecting them to, since what I really want is a Lexus or a really cushy sedan, but the former is too expensive, and the latter too low to the ground. I feel like I shouldn't go to the dealer and ask to drive the cars more than once or twice, but I feel like I have to drive the cars six or seven times to make a decision. I should just be bold and say that's what I need and if they give me guff, I won't buy from them.

I hope we get some rain today. It has been dry dry dry.


a2116 said...

Sometimes dealers will let you test drive a car for 24 hours. With stipulations, of course, but you could certainly ask!

I don't know if it's much help or not but I posted your dilemma in my blog.

kim said...

I think you should tell them that's what you need, to get a good comparative feel for the cars.

As for the seat length, speaking as a short-legged woman, seems like it would be better to have it too short than too long. I'm always sitting in chairs -and sometimes cars- where if I sit *back* against the lovely lumbar support back rest I can't bend my knees, my feet stick out like a little kid on the couch ... :-)

dale said...

I also dread having to buy my next car. Maybe I'll just see if I can keep my 1994 Dodge minivan running forever.