Thursday, July 17, 2008

Overdid It

Yesterday on my way to the first radiation treatment (I remembered to take the Atavan!), I stopped by a local jeweler to have the crystal replaced in my favorite watch. He said it would cost about $100! The watch didn't even cost that much, and the crystal was just cracked, not broken, so I think I will leave it be. Then after the treatment, I went to the Y summer camp pool near my house for my first swim since the surgery in May. It felt so nice, even tho the place was a bit trashed from the camp kids, and I swam back and forth, back and forth, slowly for quite a while. Then I came home and got Bindi, ate some food which gave me kind of an upset stomach, then went to a garden committee meeting at the community garden. After that I spent over an hour pruning the herbs in the herb garden there, Bindi got loose and I had to wait for her to get tired and come back to me, then we left the garden and came home. I was exhausted. Was supposed to go car shopping at 10am this morning, but I was so very tired, that I called my friend and cancelled.

Now, in an hour, back for another treatment. Sigh.

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kim said...

I'm sorry you overdid it and are pooped. But I'm glad you got a chance to swim. Hope you can rest up today after your treatment.